How Does Coin League Work?

How Does Coin League Work?

So what is Coin League, you might ask? Below you will find everything you need to get the hang of hit!

Before jumping into explaining what Coin League is, we first need to touch on the subject of the Reelzone currency.

At the beginning of every month, each player will be given an amount of free Reelzone coins. The amount is based on the level you currently hold, with the minimum being 10,000 coins. Coins represent the in-game currency at Reelzone, which you as a player can use throughout the platform. It can be compared with the currency you have when playing at a real money casino, but instead, the Reelzone currency is free and virtual. You can also invest your coins in any way you like through-out the platform, may it be to play slots, unlock new features, enter VIP tournaments, and much more. At the top right corner on the platform, you can find your virtual wallet with your current coin balance. Remember, your current balance at the start of each month will be reset and replaced with the new amount of coins.

Coin formula = 10,000 + 300*x, where x is your current level.

So what is the Coin League exactly?

Coin League is our monthly tournament league where players on the platform compete in acquiring the biggest wallet of them all! The players with the most coins at the end of the month will take part of a €250 prize pool.

By using your coins to play in the different slots that are featured in the Coin League section on the platform, you can try your luck to increase your coin balance and, at the same time enjoy the entertainment of playing high-quality slots from our partners. By deciding on your bet-size (ranging from 0.2 – 100), you can feel the thrill of the chance to win big or play casually to try out new slot games. But be careful not to run out of coins too fast!

The official start date of Coin League is the 1st of September with the following prize pool distribution:

1st place – €100

2nd place – €50

3rd place – €30

4th place – €30

5th place – €20

6th place – €10

7th place – €10

However, since the coin league has been active during August, we will have a small prize pool for the ones that have been playing. We have the following prize pool and distribution:

1st place – €25

2nd place – €15

3rd place – €10

4th place – €10

5th place – €10

The top 5 players on the Coin League leaderboard will be crowned victorious and rewarded.

But hey… What can I do more with the coins? 

The whole idea with the in-game currency is for you to own your wallet and invest it in any way you like on the platform. At this moment, you can use the coins to play different slots and try to climb the leaderboard to win the grand prize.

We are working hard to release new features where you can get a return on investment, depending on what you place your coins on. To give a few examples of upcoming features:

  • Buy-in to VIP tournaments with higher prize pools.
  • Get another retry on daily tournaments.
  • Buy merchandise in our shop.
  • Get free spins at a real casino.
  • Etc.

How can I get more coins if I run out of them?

There might come a time when you run out of coins. When this happens, you will have several options to get more coins. Following features exist, and some will come soon:

  • Refer a friend with the help of your referral code and invite them to the fantastic Reelzone platform. Once they sign-up and use your code, you both will be awarded 5,000 coins.
  • Please keep your eyes open for a promo code on our social media.
  • Complete challenges (coming)
  • Get daily free spins on slots to increase your coins balance (coming)
  • Etc.

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