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Your social casino experience begins here. On Reelzone. You will have fun.

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Minimum €3000 monthly prize pool!

Reelzone guarantees a minimum of €3000 worth of prizes each and every month. Everyone can participate and all players have an equal chance of winning free cash prizes. It will only grow as we go!

Play in our Coin League

Coin League is our monthly tournament league. Each player will be given a set amount of in-game coins every month to play for and the players with the most coins at the end of the month will take part of a prize pool.

You can also choose to invest the coins in any way you like through-out the platform, may it be to play slots, unlock new features, enter VIP tournaments and much more.

There’s a Free Slot Tournament Running Every Day

We’ll host at least one – often several – tournaments per day on Reelzone. All of which have their own leaderboards and prize pools, and are free to join. You’re welcome to participate in as many as you want.

If you’ve opted in for push- or email-notifications, we’ll tell you before a tournament starts. You can view all scheduled tournaments, results, leaderboards and find out more about how they work on this page.

Play Slots for Free

Our game studio partners develop games for casinos throughout the world, and nothing’s more popular and in demand than our partners’ slots.

On Reelzone, you get to play these exact same games, but for free. No deposit required. We’re a social casino platform and our focus is giving you the best social gaming experience for absolutely Free.

We promise you lots of fun, with thrilling action unlike anything you’ve tried before when playing slots on Reelzone for free.

What’s a Social Casino Anyways?

Glad you asked. Reelzone is!

We’re the definition of a platform for social casino game-play, where you can compete with other players in real time, not risk any money in doing so, and share your results.

Here’s some of the cool things you can do on our platform.

Your Path To Victory

Play tournaments to earn a spot on the leaderboard and brag about your achievements on the platform. Socialize, win and compete on the home of Social Gaming – Reelzone.

Claim Your Rank

Play tournaments and achieve daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to climb the ranks and access new features on the platform – Get rewarded for the Grind.

Claim your badges

Collect and claim badges as you achieve your daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. These can be earned by completing all sorts of different tasks.

You can view all of the badges you have already earned on your profile.

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