Reelzone's Champion Guide

Last Modified: August 21, 2020

When you play casino games online, you are playing to win, yet nothing can prepare you for the excitement that comes with winning real cash prizes here at Reelzone! When this happens, you want to know what comes next once you are done celebrating, and how you can access your prize. This is a handy winner’s guide to guide you throughout the process.

Please read through our Terms & Conditions and the section “Prizes and Payouts” carefully.

1 - Choose Payment Option

To this date, we can only offer you as a player to withdraw your prize winnings through bank wire. We are working hard to add more payment options as we go. 

2 - Validation

Here at Reelzone, we would love just to hand over the prize money, but there are some rules and regulations that we need to comply with first. To comply, we need to verify you as a player through a simple validation process. 

The validation process consists of two steps:

  • ID Validation and Address Validation
  • Payment Validation

Address and ID Validation

We need to verify your identity, as this helps us prevent identity theft, money laundering, and unauthorized use of our platform. You need to be 18+ to play online casino games legally. Address validation is required to prove your residency in a country and/or geographic area where our service is made available to you. 

To offer you as a player the most convenient but yet most secure way to verify yourself, we use an identity verification application that takes less than 30 seconds to perform. The solution has in-built advanced checks and compliance standards, so we can keep our players safe and comply with regulations. The process has been visualized below.

When you have won a prize and you have not performed this process before, please head to the settings page by logging into your Reelzone account and press settings in the navigation bar. Once at the settings page, a Verification option should be enabled (see screenshot). 

Please note that this feature will only be enabled once you win your first price. It can take up to 30-60 min before it is shown.

Once you press it, a prompt will appear which will guide you through a 4-step verification flow. If you are using a computer without a camera, use the option to continue the process with your mobile phone. Press “Start” and the service will ask you to provide needed documents to validate your identity and address.

Furthermore, we take extra precautions to corroborate that the player behind the camera is the same person on the provided document. For that reason, we ask all our players to provide a selfie. The application analyzes the two sources and checks whether there is a match between the selfie and the person on the document.

Continue by pressing “I Confirm”. 

  1. Age Verification

To verify your age, we will request a photocopy of one of the following documents for ID validation:

  • National Identification/ID Card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License

Select your country along with the document of your choosing. Chose to either upload photos or take a picture of your preferred document.  

  1. Proof of Address

For the next step, we will request a photocopy of one of the following documents for Address validation:

  • Utility bills
  • Bank statements
  • Government-issued mail

 Chose your country and chose to either upload photos or take a picture of your document. 


  • Addressed to you at your current address.
  • Issued less than 90 days prior.
  1. Biometric Check

For the last step, we request a selfie from you to ensure that the person behind the screen is the same as the one in the documents submitted.

Press start and grant the service your consent to access the camera. Continue this step by taking a photo of you.

  1. Done

The process has now been completed. Return to the settings page on Reelzone.

5. Verified

If successfully verified, you should see a notification on the settings page within 1-2 minutes (see screenshot). If the notification is not visible, your verification has been denied. If denied, please get in touch with us at Reelzone via

Payment Validation

The payment method of your choice will also need to be verified to ensure the money goes to the right account. The payment validation is the final step.


Withdrawals with Bank Wire needs prior validation, which is done by sending us a screenshot of your online bank account. Your name, IBAN and BIC/SWIFT need to be clearly visible.

3 - Send the Screenshots To Us

Proceed with emailing us a screenshots of your online bank account to and make sure you send it with the same email address you used to create an account with us. This we need to verify that you have performed the KYC. Please note that it can take up to 2 business days to complete the entire validation process. 

The validation process explained above is very simple and straight-forward, and it is an essential step in keeping you safe when playing casino games online. 

Prizes are sent out on Thursdays every week, and you can contact us on with any further questions and/or concerns. Are you ready to get your cash prize?

4 - Completed

If you have read this far, you have probably successfully performed our KYC Verification Process. You are only required to complete this once. However, would it be necessary, we hold the right to ask our players to re-do the Verification Process for security and compliance reasons.